Dublin Villager

Incentive deals could retain 102 jobs, add more


Dublin City Council is considering two incentive packages that could retain 102 jobs and create an additional 26 over the next few years.

Council members this week heard the first reading of economic development agreements with Hull & Associates and Goken America, and is expected to approve both Aug. 25.

Hull & Associates, an environmental remediation company, is located on Blazer Parkway and plans to stay at the location.

"Hull made decisions after an extensive search to use the currently unused space in their building," said Michael Clarey, Dublin economic development administrator.

The company employs 73 at 6397 Blazer Parkway and plans to add another six jobs by the end of 2018.

"I think it's a testament to our existing building stock that they think the current building is up to date and meets their needs," Clarey said.

The incentives Dublin could offer Hull & Associates to stay at their current location and expand includes a 10-percent performance incentive on income tax withholdings for 2015 through 2018, capped at $40,500.

To get the 10 percent back on income tax withholdings, Hull & Associates would have to meet performance targets and sign a seven-year lease in Dublin.

Over the term of the agreement, Dublin expects to collect $656,212 in income tax withholdings from the company.

The potential agreement with Goken America would retain 29 jobs and create another 20 by the end of 2019, Clarey said.

"Goken America is a design engineering firm focused primarily on the automotive industry, so in central Ohio a significant amount of their work is for Honda (research and development)," Clarey said.

After a long search, Clarey said the company plans to move from its location on Wilcox Place to a building at 5100 Parkcenter Avenue, which it could purchase.

"These are highly-skilled engineers and graphic design professionals," Clarey said. "The purchase of a building in Dublin signals a long-term commitment to the community."

The proposed economic development agreement with Goken America includes a one-time $10,000 location grant and a 10-percent performance incentive on income tax withholdings from 2015 to 2019, which is capped at $60,000.

Dublin anticipates collecting $493,830 in income tax withholdings from the company over the course of the agreement, which requires a seven-year lease or property purchase.