Construction will be plentiful in Dublin next year.

Construction will be plentiful in Dublin next year.

Dublin City Council members this week looked over the proposed capital improvement program (CIP) for 2015 to 2019, and $56.5 million in major transportation projects are planned for next year.

The five-year CIP is updated each year and funded by income tax revenue; per city ordinance, 75 percent of all income tax revenue goes to the general fund and 25 percent goes to the CIP.

The CIP, which will guide projects in Dublin for the next five years and beyond, contains a proposed $202.7 million worth of projects in transportation, parks, utilities, facilities and other areas.

Transportation projects for 2015 and the next four years carry the highest price tag as several big projects get underway.

According to the proposed CIP, which council reviewed Monday, Aug. 18, work on the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange will start, as $11.2 million is designated for the construction in 2015.

The interchange will be constructed in two phases, with "new ramp configurations and the elimination of the four major internal weaves" set for phase one, according to information presented to council.

"This project will improve safety and traffic flow and add capacity," the report said. "The second phase of this project is expected to be needed in 10-15 years."

The realignment of Riverside Drive and construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Riverside Drive and state Route 161 are also proposed for 2015, with $5.45 million and $7.79 million, respectively, budgeted for the projects.

For the realignment, Riverside Drive will be shifted to the east. The planned multi-lane roundabout will keep the southbound bypass lane on Riverside Drive.

Both projects are expected to help drive development in the area and are tied to other transportation projects in the proposed CIP, including construction of the second phase of John Shields Parkway for $10.1 million, a temporary connector between Dale Drive and Tuller Ridge, and reconfiguration of the Tuller Road and Riverside Parkway intersection.

Council members expressed worry about how much construction will affect traffic in the area next year, and Dublin Director of Public Service Megan O'Callaghan said options will be coming soon.

"There will be a memo for traffic for your next council meeting," she said, noting there will be different options for maintaining traffic.

Other major projects planned for 2015 include: a new road that will connect Shawan Falls Drive north of state Route 161 to the east to Dublin Road; and work at the U.S. Route 33/Post Road/state Route 161 interchange, such as the widening of Post Road from the southbound off-ramp west of the interchange and a roundabout at the intersection of Post Road and Eiterman Road.

Council is expected to approve the CIP at its Sept. 8 meeting.