One of the goals for the Dublin Division of Police is to improve the overall traffic safety in the city.

One of the goals for the Dublin Division of Police is to improve the overall traffic safety in the city.

Unfortunately, we see on a daily basis too many motorists driving distracted.

We see drivers on their phones, eating, or talking to others in their car. The distractions seem endless, as is the list of victims.

Distracted driving is a problem that's costing lives.

Just last year, Dublin lost one of our own, Maria Tiberi, to a distracted driving crash.

In the grief that followed, Dom and Terri Tiberi learned their daughter's tragic death was one of many that can be attributed each year to distracted driving. On any given day, nine people die because of distracted driving and another 1,000 or more are injured.

Distracted driving is wrong.

It's against the law.

And we want it to stop.

The Dublin Division of Police has begun a campaign to enforce the city's distracted driving law.

Under Dublin's ordinance, motorists can be pulled over and issued a citation for distracted driving, which comes in many forms.

Our officers will be out in force in the city's high traffic areas pulling over motorists who drive distracted.

Our goal is three-fold: educate, reduce crashes, and save lives.

By definition, distracted driving is anything that takes your mind or eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.

So eating, talking, grooming, watching videos, texting and talking are all forms that limit your ability to drive.

The Dublin distracted driving ordinance requires you to have your full attention on driving. You, your family, your friends and any motorist driving beside you deserves no less.

Whether you turn off your phone or ignore it doesn't matter. Just drive.

Because until we all make driving our only focus, we are all at risk.

Additional information about the dangers of texting while driving can be found on the Dublin website at:

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Dublin Chief of Police Heinz von Eckartsberg submitted the City Notes column.