Dublin elementary school teachers will have a little extra assistance this year.

Dublin elementary school teachers will have a little extra assistance this year.

A new administrative intern program has been established at 11 of Dublin's 12 elementary schools to supply the principal with someone to assist in day-to-day operations, teacher evaluations and other work.

"In the past, all the elementary schools had someone who would support the principal," Dublin City School Superintendent Todd Hoadley said.

"Some acted as dean of students or test coordinators. They had a variety of duties."

Those positions, however, were eliminated in favor of the new administrative intern program that will groom potential principals.

"For the last four years, we've had a partnership with Miami (University) of Ohio for a master's in educational administration in Dublin," Hoadley said, adding the program was the vision of previous Superintendent David Axner.

"This takes that program to the next step," he said.

The program gives potential administrators a chance to get some on-the-job experience.

"We want people that want to be a Dublin City Schools principal or principal elsewhere," Hoadley said. "This is a training program for someone who wants to go into administration."

When the district had to fill four principal positions for the 2014-15 school year, Hoadley said some teachers who had been through the Miami University program applied, but were passed over for others with experience.

The new program will give potential administrators a way to stand out when applying for jobs, Hoadley said.

"This will give Dublin teachers administrative experience," he said.

"They'll have true experience to draw from rather than hypothetical situations in the classroom."

The program is at every elementary school except for Wright, which has an assistant principal.

Indian Run and Thomas elementary schools are sharing an administrative intern, Hoadley said.

Sells and Davis middle schools also have administrative interns.

"Both middle schools have a larger student body and are more diverse," Hoadley said.

The new administrative intern program will provide experience in a number of areas, including teacher evaluations, Hoadley said.

"The administrative interns can also work through student issues around discipline and special education," he said. "That's something the other position did not do."

The majority of administrative interns in the program have a license to be a principal or are working toward it, Hoadley said.

They'll have the position for a maximum of four years and can either return to the classroom to teach or try for a principal position.

"We think it's going to help in Dublin to ensure that we have continuity in administration," Hoadley said.

"We're hoping this will create a great candidate pool for any principalship or assistant principalship.

"It will be beneficial to the administrative knowledge in Dublin City Schools," he said.

"I'm always passionate about helping people develop their leadership skills."