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Student brings 'inoperable' gun to high school


A Gahanna Lincoln High School student last week took to school an inoperable handgun, according to Gahanna police.

According to officer Dean Blamer, a female student discovered the gun in her book bag during fourth period and took it to a teacher, who took it to the office. Blamer said one student told the girl that another student "had been around her book bag."

Blamer and officer Joe Estep are the school's resource officers.

"I looked at (the gun), and I immediately saw that it didn't have a trigger; therefore, it was inoperable," Blamer said. "If it was pulled on an officer, they would think it was a deadly weapon."

Blamer said he obtained the name of the student who allegedly was around the girl's book bag and summoned him to the office. During questioning, he said, he learned that the student had brought the gun to school and that his brother was involved.

The brothers are awaiting expulsion hearings, Blamer said. He didn't say whether charges would be filed.

He said he and Estep were disappointed, though, that other students seemed reluctant to report the two boys.

"Joe and I, we could not be more upset about this," Blamer said. "I've been interviewing a lot of students, and apparently, they were more concerned about being labeled a snitch than they were about keeping the school safe. É There were students who knew about it and didn't have the common sense or the common courtesy and to come and tell an adult about it."

Gahanna-Jefferson Superintendent Gregg Morris sent a note to parents. It read, "On Friday, two students brought an unloaded, inoperable gun to school. Prompt action was taken, posing no danger to students and with minimal disruption. Our School Resource Officers were involved immediately, and worked to investigate the situation."

He continued: "Although we can't talk about specific cases, if a student is found bringing a firearm to school, they will face serious discipline consequences. This could include immediate suspension and possible expulsion.

"We are continually looking at our security procedures in collaboration with the Gahanna police. The high school has two School Resource Officers who work daily along with our staff to ensure the safety of students."