Gahanna police officer Phillip Stacy has been named officer of the year.

Gahanna police officer Phillip Stacy has been named officer of the year.

During a March 1 ceremony, operations bureau commander Lt. Dan Williams said Stacy embodies what the city seeks in a proactive professional police officer.

"He performs his duties with enthusiasm, integrity and a maturity well beyond his actual years of service," Williams said.

Stacy, a member of the department since 2007, told ThisWeek he grew up in a family of law enforcement. His father, James Stacy, retired as chief of the Whitehall Police Department after almost 40 years of service.

"He gave me the positives and negatives of law enforcement," Stacy said. "He made me understand. He wanted to make sure I was 100 percent sure about going into it."

Stacy said he's honored by the award.

"This job would be impossible to do alone," he added. "There are so many fellow officers who are deserving. There hasn't been one arrest when I didn't have another officer there by my side. I couldn't have done it without fellow brothers and sisters. My successes are their successes and their successes are my successes."

In choosing the yearly recipient from among 55 sworn officers, Williams said the command staff solicits input from fellow officers.

"We look at the overall performance of the officers, their attitude, approach to the job, professionalism and integrity," he said. "The job can wear on you and it's tough to keep positive every day.

"We are pleased to have him as a member of our agency and I'm particularly pleased to have him in the patrol bureau."

Mayor Becky Stinchcomb said Stacy is a fine representation of the great work and service of the Gahanna Police Department.

"We appreciate all that you do for the city," she said, during the ceremony.

Safety director Robert Keyes said he appreciates the positive attitude and professionalism Stacy brings to work every day.

The ceremony was attended by Stinchcomb, Keyes, police chief Dennis Murphy, deputy police chief Ken Bell, fellow police and city staff as well as members of Stacy's family.

Stacy received a plaque and a certificate on behalf of the city from Stinchcomb, Keyes and Murphy.