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Jefferson Township

Grant sought for Dixon, Poppy Hills upgrades


Jefferson Township is seeking grant funding for improvements to Dixon Road and Poppy Hills Drive.

Ted Beidler, projects engineer for the Franklin County engineer's office, presented a proposal during a public meeting Sept. 11.

He told ThisWeek Dixon Road is in bad condition, with long-term drainage problems.

"It's basically resurfacing for both projects (Dixon and Poppy Hills)," he said. "Funding falls way too short to do anything major there."

When applying for funding, he said, a resurfacing project doesn't have as much of a chance as a project that would reduce traffic accidents.

"Last year with OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission), the money requested was less than what was available," Beidler said. "That's rare. Based on my knowledge of projects coming in, you have to give it a try," he said. "But resurfacing projects don't fare that well."

Jefferson Township administrator Tom Spring said the preliminary estimated construction costs are $222,000 for Dixon Road and $122,000 for Poppy Hills Drive.

"There are ancillary costs, though, for these projects, so I don't have total numbers yet," he said.

After last week's public meeting, the trustees held their regular meeting and voted to apply to the District 3 Public Works Integrating Committee for both projects and to pledge a 10-percent local match if a grant is awarded under the Local Transportation Improvement Program or State Capital improvements Program.

In addition, the trustees voted to apply as the lead township for a multiple-township, multiple-project application that would include both of Jefferson Township's projects.

Spring said the Public Works Integrating Committee for District 3 would score applications in November and vote on awards in December.

If awarded, the OPWC would award the contract in July 2013, and work would begin afterward.