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Council still sorting project priorities


Gahanna City Council was scheduled to continue discussing a five-year capital-needs assessment during its Oct. 9 council committee meeting (after ThisWeek's press time).

The list of capital projects also is available on the city's website at

"If anyone has concern, forward a note to any member of council or the mayor," said Brian Larick, council president.

Mayor Becky Stinchcomb previously dubbed the capital-needs assessment as the most important read of the year. She said it took months to prepare, and it's the first step in the appropriations process.

Assistant city administrator Brandi Braun said a consensus needs to be formed concerning the needs so it can be taken to the public and turned into an actual capital-improvement plan that drives funding.

Stinchcomb said the city doesn't have the funds to do everything, but the assessment process is an attempt to engage council and the community to determine revenue sources or what the city could live without.

The capital-needs assessment will be affirmed or changed based on council feedback, the 2012 comprehensive resident survey and the 2012 Parks and Recreation Master Plan update.

After the needs have been verified, Braun said, the assessment will become Gahanna's capital-improvement plan that will be revised and adopted annually. She said that would allow for strategic visioning, planning and financing.