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Random drug sweeps to continue at Gahanna Lincoln


Dogs trained to detect illegal drugs searched Gahanna Lincoln High School last week, resulting in disciplinary action against two students, Superintendent Francis Scruci said.

During the Nov. 8 school board meeting, Scruci said, K-9 units searched the high school on Nov. 6 as a proactive measure.

"Nine cars were hit on and one was positive," he said. "It's not anything we're happy about."

Public-information officer Michael Straughter said the dogs searched high school property and "hit" on two lockers and nine cars.

"Dogs detected 11 to tag, and further investigation found there was only one that was positive for drug paraphernalia in a car in the parking lot," he said. "As a result, appropriate disciplinary action is being taken against two students."

Scruci orchestrated the drug sweep, with Gahanna police and K-9 units from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Westerville, Hilliard, Bucyrus and the Delaware County Sheriff's Department.

Scruci told the school board additional K-9 drug sweeps would be conducted at the high school.

"I'll be the only one to know when it's going to happen to maintain the integrity of the searches," he said. "It isn't being done to punish students but to deter a destructive habit."

Board member Scott Mounts commended Scruci for the effort to keep students safe.

"It's an opportunity to get students counseling," he said.

Scruci sent a letter to parents and guardians, informing them of the K-9 units and pledging to provide a safe and drug-free environment for all students and staff.

He said the sweep occurred at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6, to search and ensure that drugs were not present.

"Every precaution and procedure was taken to check our buildings without taking away from the educational process," he said. "We followed our normal security lockdown procedures during the random sweep and returned to normal activity once the search had concluded."

He continued: "Unfortunately, we live in a society where drugs have no age, gender or socio-economic discrimination and are accessible."

In addition to the drug sweeps, Scruci said, the district will continue to educate students about the negative effects of drug use and the consequences associated with it.