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No students injured in minor bus accident last week


No students were injured as a result of a minor accident involving a Gahanna-Jefferson school bus and two other vehicles Nov. 27.

Public-information officer Michael Straughter said two students were on the school bus at the time of the incident that occurred at about 2:50 p.m. in the 4400 block of Morse Road, near Hamilton Road.

The students were taken home shortly after the accident, he said.

A Columbus officer on scene said one of the vehicles ricocheted into the bus and the bus didn't sustain major damage.

Gahanna's driver wasn't at fault in the accident, Straughter said.

He told ThisWeek G-J has 49 full-time bus drivers with an average tenure of 8.7 years.

Eleven drivers have tenure of 15 years or more with the district.

The district's most senior driver has been with Gahanna since 1973.

Gahanna bus drivers often participate in the Ohio Department of Education's annual bus-safety "Road-e-o" that's designed to test and increase their operational and safety skills.

In 1965, the ODE and Ohio Association of Public School Employees shared organization of the first safety Road-e-o that was held at Gahanna-Jefferson. It comprised the top 20 drivers in each area coordinator's region.

Drivers competed in skills events such as the right turn, railroad crossing procedures, turnarounds and a three-barrel serpentine maneuver.

Today, the safety Road-e-o comprises more than 900 drivers competing at one of eight regional contests, with the top six drivers from each region moving on to a state competition.

The top two drivers from the state event are eligible to continue at the international level.

The challenges are designed to ensure not only drivers skills but also the ability to safely maneuver Ohio's school buses as they perform their task of providing the safest form of transportation for students to and from school.