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Holiday marathon to feature staging of 'Mall Shenanigans'


Students dressed as elves, harried shoppers and living Christmas trees will take the stage during the 34th annual holiday marathon at Lincoln High School on Tuesday, Dec. 18.

Drama teacher Cindi Macioce said holiday-themed productions would feature all first-semester theatre students from the Introduction to Theatre, Introduction to Musical Theatre, Theatre Appreciation and Performance Studio classes.

Those classes have about 150 students, plus 13 jazz musicians will participate in addition to a backstage crew of 14 and 10 emcees.

Students are responsible for developing their own story ideas and writing the scripts.

The titles of the skits are: An Old Fashioned Christmas, Mall Shenanigans, The Christmas Games (a play on The Hunger Games), The Twelve Days of Chaos, Santa's Journey, Christmas at Grammy's, Festival of Lights, O Christmas Tree, Ladies Christmas Luncheon, The Break Room and The Christmas Choir.

"The audiences appreciate the jokes and situational comedy," Macioce said.

The marathon is held during the school day, with teachers signing up to bring their students.

"It's a fun way to begin our winter break," Macioce said. "We work really hard to establish that audience/actor connection. It is such hands-on learning for my students. There isn't a more authentic assessment than a live audience.

"And a big plus, we are also able to embed the graduate profile characteristics in what we do," she said. "We are all tired at the end of the day, but it's a good tired."

Five shows will be performed, with a few different skits each period, from 8:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The marathon began in 1978 in the little theater, where the teacher workroom is.

In the past, audiences were by invitation only because the theater held only one to two classes at a time.