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City asks residents to move cars off streets to help expedite snow removal


Gahanna residents could help expedite snow removal on city roadways by parking their cars in driveways after a significant snowfall.

City service director Dottie Franey said residents should move their vehicles off the streets when the snow is more than two inches deep so plows can clear roads from curb to curb.

"When we have snow events like we recently experienced, the fewer vehicles on the road the better," she said. "Reduced traffic allows our plows to operate more efficiently."

Mayor Becky Stinchcomb said residents should park in driveways following significant snowfall.

"We don't want to post signs," Police Chief Dennis Murphy said. "When it snows, residents should get their cars off the streets."

When residents and businesses clear their driveways, sidewalks and parking lots, Franey said, they shouldn't shovel the snow into the street.

"Some of these piles can be large and freeze, which can be a hazard for vehicles," she said.

After a snowfall, Franey said, the most heavily traveled streets are cleared first.

City plows clear streets in the following order: arterials, collector streets, residential streets, courts and then alleys.

Franey said residents should help protect their property by clearing the opening where their downspouts drain to the gutter.

"This will allow the downspouts to properly convey water from melting snow/ice away from the home," she said. "Also, residents can help the city by shoveling out the opening to any street storm inlet in front of their property That will allow the melted snow/ice to run off the street and reduce the chances of refreezing."

Franey said residents' mailboxes take a beating during the winter when hit by heavy snow from a snow plow.

She said residents should make sure their mailboxes don't lean into the street. In addition, Franey said, the mailbox post should be properly secured in the ground, with the mailbox firmly attached to the post.

Any resident whose mailbox has been damaged during snow removal should call the city at 614-342-4005.

Franey said the city has used approximately 650 tons of salt and 3,000 gallons of brine (salt and water mix) thus far this winter season.

Gahanna orders salt as needed. The city currently has 400 tons in the salt barn and expected a delivery of another 200 tons on Jan. 4.