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Planners OK storage barn in Eastgate Industrial Center


Gahanna's Planning Commission approved several pieces of related legislation Feb. 13 for a new storage barn to be built by Doc Thompson Plumbing at 1601 Eastgate Parkway.

The commission previously requested a workshop for the proposal, seeking exterior enhancements and landscaping for the new 3,750 square foot building.

Commission member Dave Andrews said the original design of the building looked boring, and he requested decorative elements and landscaping.

The storage barn will be located on a 2.035-acre property that's currently vacant. It's located to the west of Electric Solutions Inc. and east of Rollins Leasing Corp., in the Eastgate Industrial Center.

David Thompson, president of Doc Thompson Plumping, said he has lived in Gahanna almost 60 years.

He added windows and door details to the white storage building that will have a red roof.

Thompson said he chose white with a red roof because he finds it attractive.

The revised site plan added raised planting beds on the north side of the building and trees in a grass strip along the west side of the building.

Thompson said a type of ivy that stays green in the winter would be planted in the beds that would trail up the building.

Andrews said he still isn't happy with just ivy in the front planting bed.

"I thought you would do shrubbery," he said.

Thompson said there will be burning bush shrubs in the front.

Patricia Brown, a project engineer with EMH&T, said a sidewalk leading to the parking area also has been added to the plan, as well as a chain link fence with cedar-colored lattice.

A conditional use was approved to allow a storage area for plumbing materials outside of the building. The storage area will be located toward the rear of the property. It won't be visible from the public right of way and will be enclosed by a fence.

The materials need to be stored outside of the building to facilitate the loading of plumbing vehicles inside the building.

In additional to the conditional use, the commission approved a final development plan for Doc Thompson as well as design review with the final fencing and landscaping to be subject to zoning administrator approval.

Commission member Joe Keehner said he appreciates having the local, family owned business.

"I appreciate the extra mile for the landscaping," he added.

In other discussion, commission member Kristin Rosan recommended a future meeting to talk about a land use plan for vacant parcels in the city.

"What do we envision for those parcels?" she asked. "There isn't much (vacant land) left in the city. Perhaps that's something we could look at this year."

Commission member David Thom said a planning session with the city's development department had also been discussed late last year but never took place.

"We could discuss the vision for the future, especially Olde Gahanna," he said. "We've gone from spot zoning to spot development."

Deputy Development Director Leah Evans said development would meet at the pleasure of the commission.