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Gahanna mulls deal with Columbus on sidewalks


Gahanna City Council is considering a cooperative agreement with Columbus to connect sidewalks along Stygler Road.

City engineer Karl Wetherholt told council on March 11 the section of Stygler Road immediately north of the Gahanna corporate boundary is in need of extensive repair.

"Columbus has been working on plans to rebuild this section with walls to stabilize the hillside," he said. "A portion of the project will extend into the Gahanna territory to accommodate the revised grading."

When the Columbus portion of sidewalk is installed, Wetherholt said, a section of about 660 feet along Stygler Road inside Gahanna will be without a sidewalk.

He said Columbus would include this section of sidewalk if Gahanna contributes the local share of the expense -- $25,685 from Gahanna's capital improvement fund.

Columbus had applied for Ohio Public Works Commission funding for the project, but it wasn't selected.

Several days ago, Wetherholt said, Columbus decided the project is so critical that plans are in the works to construct it in the summer with local funds.

Wetherholt is requesting the cooperative agreement to allow the sidewalk to be constructed in the Gahanna portion.

Mayor Becky Stinchcomb said that area is heavily used by Gahanna residents.

"They will bid in May and need our (share) by April 15," Wetherholt said. "The only part we're paying for is the gap. Our residents will have access to the bottom of the hill on the west side -- the side with The Limited."

Wetherholt is requesting that the cooperative agreement be approved as emergency in an effort to meet Columbus' deadline for summer construction.