Rocky Fork Enterprise

Hamilton Road Central funding

The project was awarded MORPC-attributable federal highway funds for 80 percent of the right-of-way costs and 80 percent of the construction costs. The caps on the federal funding are $1.6 million in right of way and $12.6 million in construction.

City engineer Karl Wetherholt said the most recent funding agreement with the county calls for the following breakdown for the local match:

* The county will reimburse Gahanna for half of the design engineering, and the county will purchase all of the right of way and invoice Gahanna for 75 percent of the local share of right-of-way cost.

* The county will relocate the utilities and invoice Gahanna for the entire local portion of the utility relocation cost.

* The county will provide construction administration and inspection, generally 10 percent of the construction cost.

* Gahanna will pay for the design engineering, with 50 percent reimbursed when the project starts.

* Gahanna will pay for the local share of streetlights, landscaping and any other feature that isn't eligible for federal funds.