Project time line.

1996: The Franklin County engineer first proposed a joint project with the city to widen Hamilton Road, from Clark State Road to the widening just south of Morse Road. Since this road is County Road 103, the county thought it was appropriate to widen it to match the projected traffic growth. The traffic projections at that time indicated that two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes would be required. This first proposal was rejected by City Council because of objections from residents in the central portion.

1997: A compromise agreement stated the northern section, from Johnstown Road (U.S. Route 62) north, would be widened first, and the new traffic counts would determine if the central section were still needed.

2005: Based on that agreement, Hamilton Road North construction began.

2005 (Feb. 14): County engineer Dean Ringle spoke before Gahanna City Council to explain the terms of the agreement for widening the central portion to two travel lanes in each direction. Council requested that a three-lane option be studied. A study examined the three-lane option, as well as four- and five-lane options.

2006: The study was completed, and the results were presented during a council committee meeting Feb. 27, 2006, and in a public-involvement meeting in March. At this point, two roundabouts were proposed as an option.

2006: In April, the Gahanna Planning Commission recommended the widening to five lanes with either a median or center turn lane and the two roundabouts.

2006: In June, the cooperative agreement with the county was revised to include the roundabouts.

2008: Ordinance 0022-2008 modified the agreement with the county to reflect the latest design and to allow the city to be the applicant for grants.

2008: In June, the preliminary plans showing the roundabouts and the options of five lanes or four lanes with a median were presented during a public meeting. The decision resulting from the input received at that meeting was to proceed with the five-lane option.

2011: After many attempts to obtain grant funding for the project, Gahanna finally was successful in obtaining MORPC-attributable federal funds. Ordinance 0047-2011 authorized the cooperative agreement with ODOT, which administers the use of federal highway funds.

2012: Ordinance 0216-2012 revised the agreement with the county to permit the county to purchase the right of way and provide construction administration as in-kind value to the local match.