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'Get Out the Vote'

Gahanna Freedom Alliance gearing for November elections


Limited government, individual liberty and free markets are the principles of the Gahanna Freedom Alliance.

In fighting for those principles, FGA president Matthew Campbell anticipates the group would be heavily involved in elections in November following a "Get Out the Vote" effort regarding the recent Gahanna income-tax request.

"Some members were supportive of an increase (in the city's income-tax rate), but not necessarily what was proposed," he said. "They were in favor of fulfilling that deficit. Some were against it completely. Those who felt strongly organized a Get Out The Vote effort. They dropped hundreds of pieces of literature. The literature didn't say to vote no. It told voters to go out and vote."

Personally, Campbell said, the route that should have been taken was a parks and recreation levy request.

"I think too much was thrown into a general vote," he said. "I don't believe a full 1 percent was needed or is needed."

He said the group would be more active heading into the general election and in the future.

"The schools will have to ask for a levy next year," he said. "Franklin County also wants to increase the sales taxes. There's an ever-increasing tide of new taxes."

He said members of the education-based group started as an informal gathering of residents in September 2010.

"Since then we've grown to between 30 and 40 members," Campbell said. "We've had members volunteer in past elections. This is the first time we took a real organized effort on our own shoulders and headed that effort up."

The GFA is a group of individuals from Gahanna and surrounding areas who have joined to promote American liberty at all levels of government, at the local, state and federal levels, according to its website: