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UBREAKIFIX specializes in smart phone repair


Dropped your SmartPhone on the ground or in the toilet and need it repaired fast?

Help is on the way with the opening of Ohio's first UBREAKIFIX store, 121 Mill St., Suite 116, at Gahanna's Creekside.

General Manager Jason Marple said the business is scheduled to open later this month or in early July.

The all-in-one cell phone, tablet, desktop computer, iPod and game console repair store is based out of Orlando, Fla.

The Creekside store will mark the first location in Ohio, and the 53rd store nationwide.

"The tough part is letting people know it can be fixed," Marple said. "A lot of phones can be fixed in an average of 10 to 40 minutes."

Marple and his younger brother, Jacob, will be co-managing the Gahanna store that specializes in the professional and timely repair of iPhone/SmartPhones, iPods and iPads, among other items.

"We'll look at anything for free," Marple said. "It's free until we get it fixed. A lot of places charge diagnostics. We go out of our way so there's no stress."

He said the goal is to create an enjoyable experience for customers, who can enjoy an ice cream cone or cup of coffee from other Creekside businesses while they wait on the repair.

"This area is nice and it goes back to striving to make it an enjoyable experience," Marple added. "We don't want people going to a dark repair place."

After opening, UBREAKIFIX business hours will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

For more information about the business, visit online at or call 1-877-320-2237.