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Police beat

Gahanna: Dogs go on the attack in Gahanna

Several incidents recently were reported to Gahanna police about dogs attacking people, including a mailman.

A mailman reported being attacked by a dog in the 200 block of Lincolnshire Drive at 10:44 a.m. July 19. The mailman said the black and white dog was loose in the area, and this wasn't the first time it has occurred.

A misdemeanor citation was issued for animals at large at 8:16 a.m. July 18 after an Empire Drive resident said two dogs ran after her and her dog. She said the dogs tried to attack her, but she scared them off, and they ran behind an Empire Drive residence.

A boy required facial stitches after he was attacked by a dog, according to a report taken July 16 from a resident in the 700 block of Citation Court.

In other Gahanna Division of Police incident reports:

* Someone used a counterfeit $100 bill at a restaurant in the 1300 block of East Johnstown Road, according to a report taken at 9:03 p.m. July 18.

A man also tried to use a fake $100 bill at a restaurant in the 1300 block of North Hamilton Road, according to a report taken at 7:41 p.m. July 18.

* A 14-year-old girl was chased by three boys with live rats in the 100 block of Mill Street, according to a complaint filed with police at 4:53 p.m. July 21.

* A Lansdowne Avenue resident reported that her elderly neighbor was on his front porch naked at 8:09 a.m. July 20. She said he later moved inside his home, but he was still naked with the door of his home open. Police talked to the man, who seemed embarrassed by the situation and understood he needed clothes on when exiting his home. He said he lives with his wife, who was out of town, and he felt both mentally and physically fine.

* A mailbox was damaged in the 800 block of Dark Star Avenue, according to a report taken at 9:01 a.m. July 20.

* A road-rage incident was reported to police at 11:41 p.m. July 19 in the 300 block of Agler Road. A man said someone had been tailgating him from Olde Ridenour Road down Stygler Road.

* Someone pumped gas without paying for it at a service station in the 1400 block of Cherry Bottom Road, according to a complaint filed at 10:30 p.m. July 19.

* Softball players reportedly were drinking illegally behind a building between the VFW and softball field and swimming pool in the 120 block of Parkland Drive, according to a complaint filed at 8:46 p.m. July 19.

* Columbus police reported to Gahanna police at 7:29 a.m. July 19 that a man was unconscious in a vehicle in the 300 block of Farm Creek Drive. The lights of the vehicle were on and the door was open, according to reports. Police said the man, who was sleeping, is a worker who was waiting on the rest of a crew.

* A woman called police about a man who follows her to the library, according to a July 18 report taken at 11:02 a.m. The woman said the man "won't leave her alone." The man passed the woman without comment going into the library. When she told library personnel that she has had past issues with the man, the library's desk personnel said to call the police. The woman was told there's nothing criminal concerning the man's actions.

* A baby was left in a vehicle with the windows up while the car's driver picked up food from a restaurant on Morse Road, according to a report taken at 7:03 p.m. July 17.

* A female tried to push a cart of merchandise to her cart without paying for the items at 12:16 a.m. July 17 in the 1300 block of Stoneridge Drive.

* Police were called to serve as a standby at 8:40 a.m. July 17, when a man was withdrawing $100,000 from a bank in the 500 block of North Hamilton Road.

* A back patio door was reported shattered in the 1100 block of Challis Spring Drive at 6:59 p.m. July. A resident said he had just returned from out of town and found the door shattered. Nothing seemed to be missing from the home. The broken glass appeared to be the result of extreme heat, according to police.