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Gahanna-Jefferson receives high marks on new grade card


The Gahanna-Jefferson schools received four A’s, four B’s and a C on the new state report card released Aug. 22 by the Ohio Department of Education.

The Ohio Department of Education’s website states Ohio’s public schools have entered an era of greater accountability with the release of the 2012-13 report card that assigns letter grades in up to nine performance areas.

Prior report cards assessed schools and districts mostly on achievement test results and rated them using such descriptors as “excellent” or “academic watch.”

Gahanna-Jefferson schools were rated excellent last year, the second-highest rating below excellent with distinction.

Gahanna received an A grade in achievement and met all 24 state standards in the new grading system this year.

The district also earned an A in overall value added, disabled value added and the letter grade of lowest-20-percent value added.

Gahanna received a B for performance index, gifted value added and four-year graduation rate in 2011 and 2012.

The district’s lowest mark, a C, was in annual measureable objectives.

Districts won’t receive an overall letter grade until 2015.

“This report card gives us an opportunity to make huge strides for the boys and girls of Ohio,” said Dr. Richard A. Ross, state superintendent. “We can celebrate our successes and work together hand in hand with our communities to improve the areas where we have struggled.”

In addition to using easier-to-understand letter grades, the new report card system is meant to provide parents, taxpayers, school administrators and teachers with a more comprehensive look at the performance of schools and districts.

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