Incumbent Brian Larick is being challenged by Ryan Patrick Demro in the race for Ward 3 on Gahanna City Council.

Incumbent Brian Larick is being challenged by Ryan Patrick Demro in the race for Ward 3 on Gahanna City Council.

Larick, 44, works in financial services/technology as an engineer for JPMorgan Chase.

He said he supports the city's proposed income-tax increase on the November ballot.

"I support the tax-reform package, which realigns tax liability more evenly for the residents of Gahanna," Larick said. "Regardless of the results on the tax issue, my job will remain the same, efficient use of our citizens' money.

"If it passes, it will be critical that the funds are monitored and expenditures are used for the city's long-term success by focusing on infrastructure and capital investments that build a strong foundation for the city. If it fails, it will be imperative that money is allocated to maintain our basic assets -- roads, equipment and property."

Larick said he's concerned about the city's proposed cuts, if November's issue fails.

"I am concerned about the existing plan," he said. "For example, not enough funds have been identified to maintain our roads in coming years. While the forecast is an estimate, it is clear that on average we must spend well-over $1 million per year on road resurfacing to maintain all of our roads once every 25 years."

Larick said the existing plan lists $250,000 per year for roads from 2015 on.

"Additional reductions will have to be made to keep our basic infrastructure at a level our citizens expect, given the current funding level," he said.

Larick is a professional whose career in financial services, focusing on fiscal and operational efficiency, has resulted in millions of dollars saved by his employers, he said.

"My professional certification is in process improvement and efficiency, which is critical in leveraging our revenues to their greatest use," he said. "I have a small business that is invested in Gahanna which requires a similar focus on fiscal expenditures and efficient use of resources, as is required in the role on council."

Larick said he brings a vested interest in the success of the community as a longtime resident of Ward 3 with a background in financial performance, as a small-business owner invested in the community and as a proud parent whose children are active in Gahanna-Jefferson schools and multiple community groups.