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Fire division donates gear to Explorers

Members of Logan City Fire Explorer Post 2232 in Hocking County are outfitted in real-life turnout gear, thanks to a donation of six sets of retired gear from the Mifflin Township Division of Fire.

Turnouts are serviceable and in compliance with structural firefighting regulations for 10 years. When gear is deemed no longer serviceable, fire departments generally dispose of it.

"Instead of throwing our once-expensive gear into a Dumpster, it was given to youth who want to be firefighters to get use from it," said Lt. Steve Engler of the Mifflin Township Division of Fire in a news release.

"New turnout gear, including pants and coats, costs $1,500 a set, so the donation would be valued at $9,000 if it were new."

Former Explorer Richard Coakley, a volunteer firefighter and lead adviser of the Post 2232 group, said the donated gear has helped immensely.

"We only had a handful of gear, and now we have enough for the entire post," he said in the release. "We now are able to have the entire post involved at the same time."

Pictures with the donated gear at a training fire are at

Fire Explorers is a specialty division of the Boy Scouts. Members who aspire to be firefighters receive training and hands-on experience.

Post 2232 members are all from Hocking County.