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Gahanna woman charged with felonious assault after alleged shooting


Gahanna police have charged Emily Jacobs, 24, with felonious assault after she allegedly shot Mathew A. Berry, 26, on Jan. 21 at the 747 Quaker Ridge Court residence they share in Gahanna.

Police received four 911 calls concerning gunshots fired at the Quaker Ridge Court residence beginning at 11:38 p.m. Tuesday.

The first call was received from Robert K. Gunn Jr., 28, who told dispatchers Jacobs “let the gun off in the house a couple of times” and that she was going to take her own life.

Gunn said he heard Berry yelling, “Open the door; open the door.”

A second 911 call was received from Kimberly R. May, who told dispatchers her daughter, Jacobs, had shot Berry.

A third 911 call was received from Berry, who told dispatchers he had been shot and was outside, next door in the backyard.

The last call for help came from a resident who said he heard gunshots coming from the area of Stygler Road.

When officers arrived at the scene, Jacobs was at the intersection of Quaker Ridge Court and Woodmark Run. She yelled for help, saying Berry had just shot at her. She also alleged that Berry had shot himself.

Police found Berry behind the home with a single gunshot wound to the chest. He said Jacobs had shot him.

Medics arrived and transported Berry to Grant Medical Center, where he was listed as critical but in stable condition.

Jacobs told police she had gone on a date at Easton with another man. She said Berry is the father of her son and that she lives with him at the Quaker Ridge Court home. After Berry picked her up at Easton, Jacobs said, they began to argue after they arrived home.

Berry called Jacobs' mother, according to police, and joked to her that she was going to shoot herself and then shoot Berry.

She said Berry keeps guns in the downstairs of the home, and he's the only one who has the key to the safe.

When she went upstairs to their bedroom, Jacobs said, Berry came into the room with a handgun. Once inside the bedroom, Jacobs said, Berry fired two rounds into the walls.

Jacobs said she then went outside the house and Berry followed her.

Once outside, Jacobs alleged that Berry shot himself, and then picked up his phone and said, “She just shot me.”

Jacobs later told police the two were struggling over the gun, it became stuck and she shot him. She also told police where they could find the weapon.

Jacobs was charged with felonious assault and transported to the Franklin County Jail.