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City planning $434,212 in street repairs, replacement


Gahanna City Council was expected to approve legislation Jan. 21 to accept bids for the 2014 street program, including the rebuilding of two streets.

The proposed street program will consist of asphalt resurfacing, microsurfacing and crack sealing on various city streets.

Estimated cost for the 2014 streets program is $434,212.

Avonwick Place and Jennie Drive also have been identified for the city's Detroit Street Rebuild program, named after the original Detroit-style concrete pavement.

Cost is estimated at $180,303 for Avonwick and $166,156 for Jennie, for a total of $346,459 to be financed through the 2014 capital improvement fund and through carry-over from the 2013 capital improvement fund.

Gahanna's Detroit-style streets originally were all concrete pavement. Today they're rebuilt to modern street standards and include an asphalt surface, concrete base and separate curb and gutter, according to a capital-needs assessment.

Service director Dottie Franey requested that the 2014 street program and rebuild of Avonwick and Jennie be bid as a package. She said the annual street evaluation with rating was completed, identifying maintenance needs for the streets.

Former deputy service director Mike Andrako established the street rating system program in Gahanna, and he trained new deputy service director Matthew Holdren how to use it.

The system rates the streets in four categories: extent of cracking, concrete condition, crack-seal condition and pavement defects such as potholes.

All four categories contribute to the overall rating, but the pavement-defects category is weighted the heaviest because it relates to the ride quality and current maintenance costs.

The proposed 2014 street program includes the following:

Overlay: The top two or three inches of a street are replaced with new asphalt pavement.

* Blatt Boulevard (Research Road to Eastgate Parkway).

* Dunoon Drive (Waterbury Boulevard/Codrington Circle to Waterbury/Beaverbrook Drive).

* Havens Corners Road (300 feet east of Hamilton Road to corporation limit east).

* Taurus Avenue (Moon Glow Court to Riva Ridge Boulevard).

* U.S. Route 62 eastbound travel lanes (from 1,250 feet west of Stygler Road to Stygler).

Microsurface: Surface treatment is spread in a thin layer over the existing pavement. The material consists of small gravel, an asphalt binder and additional additives.

* Bryn Mawr Drive (Mosiac Court to Riva Ridge Boulevard).

* Churchill Drive (Clotts Road to the end of the court).

* Greythorne Place (Caroway Boulevard to the end of the court).

* Old Mill Drive (Hamilton Court to the end of the court).

* Pond Hollow Lane

* Sandburr Drive/Windbourne Street (Stygler Road North/Ridenour Road to Bluestem Avenue).

Crack Seal: Asphalt cement is placed in the cracks of the street.

* Agler Road (Stygler Road to the end of the court).

* Amesbury Drive (Canfield Drive to Lincolnshire Road).

* Andalus Drive (Mill Street to Jennie Drive).

* Barden Court (Beaverbrook Drive to the end of the court).

* Barwood Drive (Denwood Drive North to Deerwood Drive).

* Beaverbrook Drive (Havelock Court to Barden Court).

* Bertram Place (Bertram Drive to the end of the court).

* Bisbee Court (Jensen Park Drive to the end of the court).

* Caroway Boulevard (Cloverly Drive to Farm Creek Drive).

* Creswell Drive (Harrison Pond Drive to Bayboro Drive).

* Crossing Creek Way (Laurel Ridge Drive/Cherry Bottom Road to Crossing Creek North/Circle).

* Deer Run (Clotts Road to Antler Court).

* Denwood Drive North (Barwood Drive to Foxwood Drive).

* Empire Drive (Lincolnshire Road to Daventry Lane).

* Gahanna Parkway (Claycraft Road to Taylor Station Road).

* Hanbury Court (Haybrook Drive to the end of the court).

* Harrison Pond Drive (Riker Drive to Minturn Drive).

* Harrow Boulevard Harrow Court/Caroway Boulevard to Waterbury Boulevard/Schyler Way).

* Helmbright Drive (Thayer Drive to Caroway Boulevard).

* Hines Road (McCutcheon Road to Moss Oak Avenue).

* James Road (West Johnstown Road to Orchard Hill Court).

* Landover Road (Rocky Fork Boulevard/Landover Place to Fawndale Place).

* Leaflock Court (Helmbright Drive to the end of the court).

* Leavitt Service Road (Morrison Road to the end of the court).

* Moorfield Drive (Chapelfield Road to White Swan Court).

* Moss Oak Avenue (Hines Road to Juniper Lane).

* Oklahoma Avenue (Clark Street to the end of the court).

* Rocky Fork Boulevard (South Hamilton Road/Rocky Fork Drive North to Landover Place/Landover Road).

* Science Boulevard (Claycraft Road to pavement phase line).

* Shull Road (corporation limit south to corporation limit north).

* Spruce Hill Drive (Caroway Boulevard to Rice Avenue).

* Taurus Avenue (Dark Star Avenue to Moon Glow Court).

* Turcotte Court (Turcotte Drive to the end of the court).

* Turcotte Drive (Tim Tam Avenue to Dark Star Avenue).

* Uxbridge Avenue (Clark State Road to Deer Run).

* Walnut Street (Shull Avenue to the end of the court).

* Witham Court (Waring Way to the end of the court).

* Woodbay Drive (Waring Way/Waybaugh Drive to McCutcheon Road).

The street rebuild program is set to include Avonwick Place, from Coronation Avenue to Prince of Wales Drive, and Jennie Drive, from Andalus Drive to Heil Drive. The rebuild involves entirely removing existing pavement and replacing it.