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Eastgate Business Center could bring four tenants to area


An 80,000-square-foot multi-tenant office building is on the horizon for Gahanna's office, commerce and technology district.

The Gahanna Planning Commission on Feb. 26 approved a final development plan and related legislation for what's being called the Eastgate Business Center, which would be built on 6.446 acres at the southeast corner of Eastgate Parkway and Deffenbaugh Court.

Planning and zoning administrator Bonnie Gard said the property is vacant. It's across the street from Niagara Bottling, which also was built by applicant Fed One Dublin.

Gard said all building and parking setbacks have been met, and two access points are proposed, with the main one from Deffenbaugh Court.

"The landscaping plan is adequate and appropriate," she said. "It's a spec building. We haven't had a spec building built in Gahanna in a while. It can be broken into four specific units."

The exterior would be precast wall panels with a metal roof.

Mark Taggart, managing member of developer Eastgate Partners, said the proposal is for an 80,000-square-foot state-of-the-art industrial building.

"It should appeal to upscale industrial clients," he said.

He said it would have space for at least 100 cars to park, with trailer parking behind the building.

Commission member Joe Keehner asked if tenants already are lined up for the building.

Sara Hanes, representing Fed One, said no tenants are lined up yet.

Commission member Jennifer Price said city staff members had some concerns about the architectural details being a little sparse and landscape being needed to soften the facade.

Hanes said shrubs typically are located against the building.

"There's a 3-foot planting bed between the sidewalk and the building," Taggart said.

A total of 49 trees also are proposed at the site.

Related legislation approved by the commission includes a subdivision without plat to split 6.446 acres of an original 17.874-acre tract at the southeast corner of Eastgate Parkway and Deffenbaugh Court; a final development plan contingent upon a landscape plan being submitted to Gard; and a certificate of appropriateness for site plan, landscaping and building design.

Commission chairman Thomas Wester thanked the applicant for choosing Gahanna.

The commission also approved a certificate of appropriateness for site plan and building design for Strathmore's Creekside District Apartments, to be built at 152 Mill St.

Applicant Gary Sebach of OHM Advisors provided the commission with three options to provide more dimension to the north elevation of the building. He proposed and the commission approved bump-out bay windows and lime-colored flat-board siding.

"I appreciate them coming back with other options," Keehner said. "This is a massive building for that site, but it's not that big of a building. I appreciate you tweaking the design."

The commission previously approved a final development plan for the high-density apartment building Feb. 12.

Strathmore plans to build a four-story, 29-unit apartment building with parking underneath on 0.52 acre at Mill and North streets. A car wash currently is at the site.