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OMEA solo, ensemble results released

Instrumental music students from Gahanna Lincoln High School and middle schools East, South and West participated in the Ohio Music Education Association's (OMEA) Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event Saturday, April 12, at Whitehall-Yearling High School.

Gahanna music students combined to enter 64 events -- 33 solos and 31 ensembles. Soloists earned 24 Superior ratings and eight Excellent ratings, with one soloist, Emilee Felton, performing for comments only. Ensembles received 19 Superior ratings and 11 Excellent ratings, with one ensemble performing for comments only.

Soloists who earned a Superior rating were Kira Alden, Heaven Atzenhoefer, Sam Baker, Jacob Bentley, Dani Biro, Joshua Bullock, Andrew Burnham, Sarah Coon, Brooke Dixon, Hila Eitam, Josh Eley, Sarah Heaberlin, Megan Henry, Colin Jordan, Maddie Marusek, Kelly McCarter, Nicholas McIntyre, Joshua Orkis, Jay Sandlin, Abby Shupe, Sami Smith, Claire Steigerwald, Ben Stemen and Claire Varney.

Soloists who earned an Excellent rating were Bianca Barton, Alex Cebriak, Andy Harris, Olivia Hatfield, Ja'lyn Jones, Maggie McCarter, Sarah Musto and Josie Sull.

Soloists often study with a private instructor in addition to their participation in the school band or orchestra class, and usually play accompanied by a piano. Ensembles are formed and rehearse at school with a member of the music staff, often before or after school hours. Instrumental music staff members include Diane Ballard, Jonathon Bradshaw, Rob Cebriak, Kevin Dengel, Mark Kinser, Greg Miller and Kelly Shellhammer.