Gahanna City Council is considering a three-year Office & Industrial incentive agreement with MNX Global Logistics.

Gahanna City Council is considering a three-year Office & Industrial incentive agreement with MNX Global Logistics.

City development director Anthony Jones said MNX representatives are proposing to relocate the business from the Rickenbacker area to an existing multi-tenant building at 690 Taylor Road. He said the company is working on a reorganization of its North American operations and would expand the workforce at the new location, relocating 39 jobs and adding another 12.

The development department proposes a three-year, 65-percent O&I incentive on the net new jobs in an effort to secure the relocation of the business to Gahanna. For three years, the city would grant MNX a refundable credit of 65 percent on municipal income-tax withholdings generated by the net new jobs.

Jones said the total estimated incentive payment to MNX would be $12,066 over three years. The net income-tax revenue to the city from the relocated and net new jobs would be $161,492 over six years. In addition, the Gahanna Community Improvement Corp. would collect roughly $13,802 in revenues generated from providing GahannaNet services.

The lease is for a period of six years, with the company staying in the city twice the limit of the term, allowing the city to recoup costs, Jones said.

Todd Kurgan, station manager at MNX, recently told Gahanna council members MNX is a global logistics company with offices all around the world.

In Ohio, he said, the company mainly focuses on life sciences related to specialized transportation for blood and tissue.

He and colleague Kim Marcum grew up in Gahanna and like the area, he said.

She said she still lives in Gahanna, and all four of her children attend Gahanna schools.

Jones said MNX would lease about 9,000 square feet of office space at the Gahanna site for a period of six years. In addition, MNX would use GahannaNet Internet services because its facility is connected to the city's municipal fiber-optics network.

He said the average annual salary for the 39 relocated jobs is $41,532, and the average annual salary for the net new jobs is $37,500. MNX would invest nearly $200,000 in furniture, fixtures and equipment, Jones said.

A financial incentive is a major factor in the company deciding to move forward with the investment in Gahanna, according to Jones. He said an Easton location also has been considered.

Established in 1983, MNX has emerged over the past three decades as a leading transportation and logistics company serving a global customer base of diverse organizations, according to the company's website.

Jones said the goal of providing an O& I incentive is to encourage private investment and job-creation opportunities within the city's commercial corridors.