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City Council meeting

American Legion honors police officer, firefighter of the year


Kelie Moffitt and Patrick Ike were recognized as Police Officer of the Year and Firefighter of the Year, respectively, during the May 19 Gahanna City Council meeting.

Malcolm Glasgow, representing American Legion Post 797, said the post annually recognizes a Gahanna police officer, but Monday marked the first time a firefighter was honored.

Ed Dahlman, commander of Post 797, said every year American Legions throughout the country recognize a firefighter and police officer.

"Through their chain of command, they selected these individuals," he said.

Moffitt, a 12-year member of the Gahanna police force, excels as an investigative police officer, Dahlman said.

"She possesses an innate ability to track people, patterns and vehicles, which enables her to turn routine traffic stops into felony arrests, drug arrests and warrant arrests," he said.

Moffitt's use of the mobile data terminals and Web-based information portals available in the marked patrol units is unprecedented, he said.

"She is a library of information regarding associates of known criminals, drug users and theft suspects and used that information to repeatedly place herself in the right place at the right time to take appropriate, professional law-enforcement action," Dahlman said.

In 2013, Moffitt led all first-shift officers in arrests by a wide margin, with most of her arrests occurring as a result of her exceptional instincts, determination and application of available resources, Dahlman said.

"Officer Moffitt is a credit to the Gahanna Police Department and continues to make the city of Gahanna a safer place for all our residents," he said.

Moffitt said she has worked first shift for the past three or four years.

"I feel honored and humbled by it all," she said.

In his assignment with the Mifflin Township Fire Department, Ike showed dedication to duty and true heroism during a recent home fire on Arcano Drive in Gahanna, according to Dahlman.

"Fire crews arrived at the two-story home at approximately 2 a.m. and battled the blaze for approximately 40 minutes before extinguishing the flames," he said.

A woman inside the home when the fire started was able to escape on her own, but her male companion became trapped on the second floor.

"Fireman Patrick Ike, along with other firefighters, pulled the man from the burning home through a second-floor window," Dahlman said. "The rescued man was hospitalized for smoke inhalation but survived, thanks to his rescue."