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Straight talk

Summer doesn't mean break for everyone


The swimming pools are crowded; the sound of baseball and softball bats are heard; children are on bicycles; and festivals are occurring in almost every community.

This can mean only one thing: Summer break is in full swing.

Although the typical summer activities are occurring, something else that gets little notice but speaks volumes needs to be recognized. Teachers in Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools are working. They are teaching summer school, taking summer classes for themselves, attending professional development conferences and workshops, working on educational projects, collaborating with other teachers and a host of other professional activities -- all directed at improving the classroom for our students.

Too often, I hear that teachers work only nine months each year. I disagree because I have witnessed our Gahanna teachers and administrators taking their time to recharge for the good of improving their craft, as well as impacting our students with what they are working on this summer. The teachers in Gahanna-Jefferson schools are some of the most dedicated teachers I have ever worked with. They go above and beyond for the common goal of what is best for kids. Their love and commitment to their profession and our schools are inspiring.

Seeing entire buildings of teachers meeting and working together on their "time off" to make a difference for students' needs should not go unrecognized and needs to be appreciated.

Please join me in thanking our teachers for their never-ending desire to help our schools continue to be a destination for academic excellence. It is through their efforts that we have continued to be a school district respected for putting kids first and providing exceptional opportunities.

As summer break has passed the midpoint, please know our teachers did not take a break and have continued to work at providing the best education to the students of Gahanna and making this a great place to live.

Francis Scruci is superintendent of Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools.