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Sycamore Run sanitary sewer

Extension could stop discharge into stream


Gahanna City Council is considering legislation that would put an end to some sanitary sewer being discharged into the Sycamore Run stream.

City engineer Karl Wetherholt said council already passed legislation in April for the construction of the Larry Lane sewer improvement that involves installing sewer lines to an area along East Johnstown Road, north of Larry Lane, that doesn't have sewer.

"We bid the project and have two bidders on that," Wetherholt said. "We're ready to award the contract. There are two properties that would be served by this sewer that are currently putting discharge in the creek."

He said one property has a failed on-site system, and the other wouldn't be able to install a replacement on-site system.

"Discharges from failed on-site systems for these properties will flow directly into the Sycamore Run stream," Wetherholt said. "We have proposed a sanitary-sewer extension to reach these properties."

Council member Karen Angelou said she hadn't realized discharge was going into the creek, and she asked how long it would take to stop it.

"One system is very failed, and the other system works marginally well, but there's probably not enough leach field," Wetherholt said. "One resident is close to direct discharge in the stream."

He estimated it would take four to six weeks to complete the project.

To assist the residents in paying their connection fees, an assessment was prepared and legislation is necessary in which council states its intent to proceed in the assessment process.

Wetherholt said Conie Construction Co. was the lowest responsive and responsible bidder for the project at $73,275. A 10-percent contingency is requested to cover any unforeseen construction costs that would bring the total amount to $80,603.

Wetherholt said there is $53,600.75 from prior-year funds, and the remaining $27,002.25 would come from 2014 Sewer Capital Maintenance fund.