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Eagle Scout candidate serves up renovated concession stand

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Gahanna Lincoln High School sophomore David Foley, 15, led a group in renovating a concession stand as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Sports fans will be served faster at Gahanna Lincoln High School's west concession stands, thanks to Eagle Scout candidate David Foley.

The Life Scout worked with George Elliott, president of Gahanna Lincoln's Instrumental Music Boosters, to organize the recently renovated stand that's in the northwest corner of the stadium.

The project involved the demolition of an interior wall, cutting a new window through concrete to build and install a secured window covering and painting the exterior walls, windows and decorative finishes.

"I came up with the idea when I went to band director Rob Cebriak and asked what was needed to be done," said Foley, a tuba and sousaphone player for the high school's marching band.

Foley belongs to Troop 778, which meets at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church. The 15-year-old Gahanna Lincoln sophomore directed 22 volunteers, of whom seven were band members.

He said local architect Ken Garrett was instrumental in finding contractors and building wooden structures.

"A total of 135 person-hours were spent on this project," Foley said.

Elliott said the project was necessary and the timing couldn't have been better given the new home-side bleachers.

"David was able to raise enough money to purchase paint and related materials," he said. "He also organized several volunteers to assist with the project. He has shown great leadership throughout the entire process. With the expansion of the stadium, it became necessary to open up the booth so that we could serve people in a more timely manner."

Elliott said Garrett was a huge help with the renovation, devoting many hours of his personal time to tear down a non-essential wall to open the interior of the booth.

"He organized the block demolition and window expansion on the side of the booth directly across from the high school," Elliott said. "He worked closely with Hinerman Electrical, who is donating materials and labor to the effort."

Boosters volunteer coordinator Kristi Nye also has been working with a local company to get a stainless-steel table and countertop installed once all of the other areas of the stand have been fixed, Elliott said.

"I think the booths are close to 20 years old, give or take a few years," he said. "David has worked tirelessly on the project. He is a fine example to our youth in Gahanna."