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GLHS graduates open Studio 543 Yoga Inferno in Brewery District

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Sisters Kristina (left) and Natasha Suszkiw sit inside their new business, Studio 543 Yoga Inferno, 543 S. High St. in the Brewery District.

Taking advantage of a growing fitness trend, sisters Kristina and Natasha Suszkiw, both Gahanna Lincoln High School graduates, have opened Studio 543 Yoga Inferno in the Brewery District.

The business is part of the "hot yoga" craze sweeping the country, in which the actual yoga studio is heated to 100 degrees and kept steamy with humidifiers.

Kristina Suszkiw explained the temperature is designed to keep people limber and relaxed for their workouts, which are 60 minutes each.

The studio, which opened Monday, July 21, at 543 S. High St. above Victory's, is scented with aroma therapy candles and kept dimly lit with fixtures from the 1980s.

That way, people new to yoga feel less self-conscious.

"We try to aim it toward everybody," Kristina Suszkiw said. "We want people to feel comfortable in their own space."

Studio 543 also has a lounge, which serves as a place to socialize and relax before and after class.

In addition, there's a changing room with two showers.

Hot yoga, which tries to mimic the climate of India, stems from a more regimented form of the discipline, Bikram Yoga, which incorporates a series of 26 poses in an 80-minute workout.

The Suszkiws said Studio 543 blends the ancient art with the modern, and is less about form and more about fun, enthusiasm and whole-body exercise.

They integrate music, from techno pop to classic rock, to enhance the mood.

Natasha, 34, helps run the business side of the studio while Kristina, 30, is an instructor, along with three other people.

It not only involves strength training, but promotes cardiovascular health, too, they said.

"A lot of people can relate to it," Natasha said. "There are so many other workouts out there."

"You're not going to be on one arm in a pretzel," Kristina said.