Jon Snyder developed his restaurant's menu with the everyman in mind.

The way Jon Snyder figures it, what he likes, most people will enjoy.

The owner of Neighbor's Deli on the Northwest Side devised his menu based on his all-American tastes.

"I know what I like," he said. "There are two things I like - baseball and sandwiches."

His menu is fairly simple: sandwiches (using Italian white, rye, sun-dried tomato or wheat breads), hoagies and "scrolls," or edibles wrapped in tortillas.

Neighbor's uses Brickman's meats, which Snyder describes as the top-of-the-line deli cuts from GFS. Prices run from $3 to $9.50.

But it's not the run-of-the-mill eatery where everything is taken out of a plastic wrapper or plucked from a jar, Snyder said. All sides - mac 'n' cheese, redskin potato salad, cole slaw and macaroni salad - are made in-house. So are most of the soups. He also prepares the roast beef at the restaurant, 2142 W. Henderson Road, just west of Dierker Road. The place seats 26. Snyder said breakfast hours are in the offing.


Plus, there's another business emerging from the deli space called Ohio Links, operated by Todd Cordetti.

Cordetti makes sausage in natural casings for Neighbor's and other restaurants across the city. For now, two types of links are served at the deli - a hot Italian and traditional bratwurst. For his other accounts - Bodega, Burgundy Room and Clever Crow pizza, which is part of the Circus nightclub in the Short North - he creates more exotic fare. Among his lineup: chorizo accented with tequila; lamb with Moroccan spices; duck with five-spice powder and blood orange juice; bison with black garlic, rosemary and port wine sauce; and chicken with basil and tomato. He hopes to roll out a vegan sausage eventually.

"The stuff I'm doing you really can't find anywhere," he said. "I'm trying to push the culinary limit with sausage."

He uses mostly Ohio-raised pork products and is trying to cull as many constituents as he can from the state.

"And that's where the focus is going, to use as many locally grown and raised meats and ingredients," he said.

He said the raw links are available for takeout purchase.

"You got the grilling season coming up, so I'm hoping people will come here, buy it and throw it on the grill," Cordetti said.

Neighbor's is open for lunch and dinner hours daily. For more information, call 614-459-0188.


Tucci's closes at 9 p.m. Saturday for a weeklong restoration project. Craig Barnum, owner of the Dublin restaurant, said the work will include a slew of upgrades, including new paint, window treatments, artwork, upholstery on booths and light fixtures. In addition, there will be two custom-made wine dispensers from Italy that will hold a total of 16 bottles, allowing the restaurant to dispense 2-, 4- and 6-ounce pours. The stained glass in the bar area will be replaced by clear glass to open up the room, Barnum said. The addition of Tectum ceiling panels should reduce noise by 35 percent or so, he said.

"I truly believe that our clientele will love the changes and it will bring in a whole new segment of the market," Barnum said. "Our noise has been a big issue and we will fix that."

Tucci's, 35 N. High St., will reopen at 6 p.m. May 1.