The search to find a new director of the German Village Society is in high gear.

The search to find a new director of the German Village Society is in high gear.

A committee composed of GVS board of trustees members and residents is talking to a number of potential candidates, said Norm Hall, the society board member in charge of the search.

Hall said the committee would give an update — or possibly have a nominee — by the Feb. 7 board meeting.

"We're making progress," he said.

Any candidate would have to meet the board's approval.

The society received roughly 60 résumés, said board president Brian Santin, another member of the search committee.

He said a handful of candidates would go through the interview process, which should start in a week or so.

Santin said there is no rush to make a February deadline.

"The next couple of weeks are not going to break us," he said. "If things fall into place, it would be nice, convenient. If not, that's fine."

Russ Arledge has been filling the role as office manager for more than a year. He said he has submitted his name to be considered for the director's position.

Erin O'Donnell was the last person to hold the position of executive director, but she resigned in 2009. Prior to that, Jody Graichen, the current director of historic preservation programs for the society, held the interim post for less than a year.

Santin said the frequent changes in the position are a concern.

"Sure, we're worried about turnover," he said. "We're looking for someone who wants to make a long-term commitment to the community and the organization as a whole."

The new title — director, rather than executive director — reflects a change in duties. The new director will have overall responsibility for the society's finances, programs, operations and human-resources management.

A salary range was not divulged.

"We're looking for someone who will be able to take initiative within the organization and run the daily operations while seeking appropriate and timely input from the board of trustees as we continue to strive to remain focused on our central mission of historic preservation," Santin said.