The city of Columbus wants to put an end to parking in some narrow alleys and streets in German Village.

The city of Columbus wants to put an end to parking in some narrow alleys and streets in German Village.

Based on complaints from residents and refuse workers, the Department of Public Service said it intends to post no parking signs at the following locations:

* Rader Alley, between Sycamore and Beck streets.

* Willow Street between Rader and Mohawk Street.

* Concord Place between Jaeger and Ebner streets.

* Purdy Alley, between Sycamore and Lansing streets.

* Blackberry Alley, between Whittier and Seibert streets.

* Macon Alley, between Whittier and Kossuth streets.

* An unnamed alley west of Jaeger between Kossuth and Frankfort.

Keith Keeran, parking services manager for the city, said the two-lane alleys are between 16- and 13-feet wide, restricting access to garbage trucks and safety vehicles.

Meanwhile, residents are complaining that cars are blocking their garages.

Keeran said city law stipulates that people can't park within five feet of driveways or in front of driveways, and the entrance to a garage is considered a driveway.

It will take about two months before the signs are posted, Keeran told the German Village Society board of trustees on May 14. The board, however, took no action.

The audience had mixed reactions.

Tom Willoughby, who owns some rental properties in the village, complained that the move will take away valuable parking spots.

"I think that is a real hardship on a lot of folks who live in the village," he said.

Tim Morbitzer, who lives on Mohawk, disagreed.

"On most mornings on most days, we can't get through our alleys," he said.

Residents then asked if the city would institute permit parking to help preserve spaces that would be lost.

Keeran explained that requests for permit parking come from residents.

The city then does a study of an area to see if it meets the criteria for permit parking.

"It's not us who institutes it," he said. "It's the neighbors who ask for it."

He said that those who violate the no-parking restriction likely will be issued tickets and not towed.

The enforcement areas do not represent all of the alleys in the village, he said.