Laura Sanders is making a deal with those who attend her next standup comedy show June 5 at Shadowbox Live.

Laura Sanders is making a deal with those who attend her next standup comedy show June 5 at Shadowbox Live.

"I promised my audience I will give them new material if they buy the CD," she said, referring to Ohio Built Lady, her debut recording.

Sanders, along with local comic Anthony O'Connell, will perform at 8 p.m. June 5 in the Brewery District venue, 503 S. Front St. Tickets are $5, the same price as Sanders' CD.

She said her routine, accentuated with dark undertones, is inspired by family, friends and everyday occurrences.

Growing up in Whitehouse, a small town outside Toledo, Sanders said she was part of the speech and debate teams in high school, which prepared her for the stage.

She came to Columbus to attend Ohio State University, from which she graduated with a degree in graphic design. She works for a local magazine during the day.

Sanders said she wanted to be an actress but the comedy stage was a stronger draw.

She also performs in a sketch comedy show at Wild Goose Creative.

"I like attention," she said. "I always talk about comedy being the best way a girl can get attention."

Sanders said she performs about three nights a week and often travels to other states.

The locations, at times, have been less than ideal.

She recalls opening at a strip show and later at a party -- and no one knew she was coming. She did her routine in the same room as the food.

"Any crowd that doesn't know comedy is happening nor do they want it is the toughest crowd," she said.

"Sometimes you get some of your favorite jokes out of your crappiest shows."

Meanwhile, O'Connell is a familiar face on the local comedy circuit, serving as master of ceremonies for several shows around town and warming up the crowd at Cash Explosion, the Ohio Lottery show that's taped in Columbus. The audiences tend to be welcoming, he said.

"They're guaranteed a free T-shirt, which doesn't sound like much, but when they're not expecting anything, a T-shirt is like winning $5,000," he said.

O'Connell, 28, grew up on the South Side of Columbus. He got his degree in finance from OSU but works a retail job during the day.

He said he loves the "rush of getting a laugh," making a career in comedy his goal.

"You get immediate feedback on your material," he said. "It's very freeing.

"It's only you on stage. You rely on yourself to get the laugh."

O'Connell said he often cracks on himself, keeping his routine light and approachable.

"Silly and fun is the best way to describe myself," he said.