German Village Gazette

Eight alleys, streets targeted

Columbus set to enforce parking ban in German Village


The city of Columbus soon will begin enforcing a parking ban in a portion of eight alleys and streets in German Village.

During the next several weeks, the city will put up signs and send postcard notifications to affected property owners.

Once the signs are in place, police will issue tickets and tow vehicles illegally parked on the designated roadways.

The parking fine is $50 in addition to towing and daily storage fees.

City code says it is illegal to park vehicles that obstruct roadways, garage entrances, driveways and other specified locations.

City vehicles can't maneuver when cars are blocking the lane, said Rick Tilton, Columbus' assistant director of public service.

"The 'no parking' signs are being installed in some very narrow alleys to prevent the alleys from being blocked, allowing police and fire vehicles to quickly get through the alleys on emergency runs when needed and save lives," Tilton said.

"Parking in those alleys also prevents our refuse collection trucks from getting into the alleys every week to pick up trash."

The problem, the city says, is police can't issue tickets without signs being posted.

Tilton said not all alleys in the village will be affected.

The roadways where parking will be banned include:

* Macon Alley between Kossuth and Whittier streets.

* Rader Alley between Beck and Sycamore streets.

* Willow Street between Rader Alley and Mohawk Street.

* Purdy Alley between Sycamore and Lansing streets.

* An unnamed alley west of Jaeger Street between Frankfort and Kossuth streets.

* Blackberry Alley between Whittier and Siebert street.

* Concord Place between Jaeger and Ebner streets.

* Macon Alley between Livingston Avenue and Sycamore Street, a section that was added after the original discussion.

The issue was raised at a public meeting in May.

At that time, residents expressed conflicting views.

Some said there isn't a problem and the city is taking away valuable parking spaces while others complained about their driveways and garages being blocked by parked cars.