German Village is a hot tourist destination right now.

German Village is a hot tourist destination right now.

In fact, the number of tours has nearly doubled this year from last, from 21 to 41.

Shiloh Todorov, director of the German Village Society, said an increased effort to reach out-of-town visitors seems to be paying off.

"I think the biggest factor is that, since I've been on board, we've been able to be so much more active with Experience Columbus," said Todorov, who was hired last year.

"They really consistently send folks our way."

Beth Ervin, director of communications for Experience Columbus, said the two groups have benefitted since re-establishing their relationship.

"We're thrilled to see the renewed emphasis on group tours in German Village because it is one of our most valuable tourism assets," said Ervin, who's also on the Society board.

"Our group tour sales managers go out basically all over the region to market to tour operators and group-tour planners."

The Society spent $900 total on targeted advertising with Experience Columbus, the All American Quarter Horse Congress and Ohio State University through its football program, Todorov said.

It appears to be money well spent.

So far this year, group tours for adults and school children have netted $3,575 for the society, and a dozen tours are scheduled through Nov. 15, Todorov said.

Trained volunteer docents attend the tour groups, which generally range from 10 to 55 people.

Tours appeal to people of all ages, Todorov said.

School-age children participate in a scavenger hunt, trying to identify significant architectural details in the historic community.

The GVS offers several different tour packages, from those costing $6 per person for an hour tour to deluxe tour for $15 a person. They include visits to two houses and gardens.

The society asks that tours be booked two weeks ahead of time.

There are 41 points of interest already identified in the village and tour officials always are uncovering new attractions, Todorov said.

"Even if you have taken a tour in the past there are new experiences coming up," she said.