German Village Gazette

Residents post survey to protest parking ban in alleys


German Village residents are being asked to offer input about how they've been affected by parking restrictions in alleys in the area.

A group of residents unhappy with the parking ban have posted a 10-question survey that will appear on until Feb. 15.

P. Susan Sharrock, one of the residents involved, said the group hopes to send a message to the city the restrictions weren't necessary and were done without residential input.

The city of Columbus began enforcing the parking ban in a portion of eight alleys and streets in fall 2012.

Officials said the restrictions were already in place, but couldn't be enforced because signs had not been installed.

The enforcement was necessary, officials said, because cars were blocking garages and safety vehicles and garbage trucks couldn't maneuver if vehicles were in the way.

But Sharrock, whose front door faces Macon Alley -- a portion of which is affected by the ban -- said she is skeptical there was ever a problem.

Sharrock said it's a matter of safety and convenience for people, who now have to park farther away from their houses and apartments.

A visual survey indicates that about 70 spots were taken away in a neighborhood that already has a lack of on-street parking, Sharrock contends.

She said there should have been a full study of parking in German Village and residents should have been consulted before the ban was implemented.

Sharrock said she doesn't expect the city to reverse its position, but hopes officials will be more attentive to residents before implementing such a policy.

"It would be wonderful for them to change, but ultimately we would want them to be thoughtful and logical in putting parking restrictions in a neighborhood that doesn't fit the mold of other neighborhoods in the city," Sharrock said.