In his upcoming exhibit in German Village, Adi Mizrahi is presenting the historic neighborhood in a modern fashion.

In his upcoming exhibit in German Village, Adi Mizrahi is presenting the historic neighborhood in a modern fashion.

The local resident will present original photos from his coffee-table book, Night in the German Village, from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, March 10 in the German Village Meeting Haus.

The exhibit, which celebrates the conclusion of a two-month renovation project at the Brent Warner Fest Hall, will be held through March 31.

Part of the exhibit includes pictures from Tanzania, where Mizrahi photographed members of Maasai tribe.

A portion of the sales will go toward the Africa's Children-Africa's Future organization. About 60 pictures total will be part of the exhibit.

For his German Village collection, Mizrahi said he used high dynamic range imaging, or HDRI, which essentially requires the camera to be stationary for several minutes during each session. The camera captures several images over time, and melds them into one, giving the photo an ethereal, almost dreamlike quality.

He said he took the photos from midnight to 4 a.m. over a week's time last April. The editing took another month.

The project produced 55 photos overall, 23 of which were included in the book, which was released at Christmastime. It is on sale for $24.95 on his website,, and at the Book Loft, 631 S. Third St., in German Village.

Mizrahi, who's lived in the community for a year and a half, said he impressed by German Village's distinctive architectural heritage and the residents' commitment to their surroundings.

"I was so impressed by how much people loved this place," he said. "I wanted to give back to German Village in my own way. And my way is through photography."

A native of Israel, Mizrahi completed a photography program at Santa Monica College in California. Since then, he has specialized mostly in studio photography.

He will complete a photo book on Victorian Village, similar to his work in German Village, but with text describing each structure. He said he will begin that project in a month or so.

The GVS spent $40,000 on improvements to the Fest Hall, including refinishing the natural wood floors in the auditorium, a new cork surface on the walls to support artwork and other hanging material, and a lighter color for the ceiling.

New paint and carpet grace the stairwell to the second floor. The restrooms also got a fresh coat of paint.

In addition, the doors that lead to a storage area under the stage were repaired and reconfigured in a way that better preserves them.

"The exhibit celebrates our neighborhood, so what better artist to kick off our 2013 exhibition series than Adi Mizrahi?" said Shiloh Todorov, director of the German Village Society.

"Celebrating his talent and reintroducing Brent Warner Fest Hall to our neighbors is a perfect blend."