Nationwide Children's Hospital will continue its march west toward German Village.

Nationwide Children's Hospital will continue its march west toward German Village.

The hospital recently paid Columbus City Schools $19.2 million for 10 acres along East Livingston Avenue.

Angela Mingo, director of community relations for Nationwide Children's, updated the German Village Society's board of trustees March 11 about the plans.

The property, on the north side of the street, now contains a football field and parking lot used by the Columbus Africentric Early College, 300 E. Livingston Ave., a complex that has two facilities for students in grades K-12.

The hospital, in turn, has agreed to lease that land back to the school district for two years. Meanwhile, the Africentric School plans to move to a new facility on the Northeast Side. It won't be open until the start of the 2014-15 school year.

Mingo said the expansion is necessary because the Interstates 70/71 interchange project will claim more than 1.5 acres and 261 parking spaces on two separate properties owned by the hospital.

"As a result of these changes, we know we need to start thinking of the future," she said.

The hospital has not decided what to do with the 10-acre site, which is adjacent to property it already owns.

Mingo said the hospital is not interested in purchasing the 9-acre Africentric school property, located on the west side of Grant Avenue, because it is not contiguous to hospital property.

Members of the GVS' long-range planning committee, who met March 14, said they wanted to keep an open dialogue with the district regarding the future of the school because the location is considered the village's eastern gateway.

Jeff Warner, spokesman for CCS, said it's the district's intention to keep the Africentric building as a "swing space," where students are reassigned while their schools are being renovated. The district still is in the midst of a 15-year capital-improvement plan passed in 2002, Warner said.

"We haven't looked beyond that but there are no immediate plans for the sale of that property," Warner said.

He said the school district will keep German Village officials informed of any future action on the land.

"We'll continue to reach out to them and involve them in any discussions along those lines," Warner said.