German Village Gazette

Group looks to create parking map for German Village


German Village officials plan to do an inventory of parking spaces in the neighborhood with the hope of creating solutions for the entire community.

Following a city of Columbus' decision to prohibit parking in eight alleys and streets, community leaders have decided to catalog available spaces and put them on a map.

"By creating a map it gives us a better background in finding solutions instead of just looking at a block, or a particular street or two," said Tim Bibler, chairman of the streetscape committee.

Bibler said volunteers will conduct their visual survey when the weather breaks.

The issue was discussed by the streetscape committee March 19. It led to broader dialogue about other parking situations in the village.

Committee members said the community struggles with downtown workers who park in the village and either walk to work or take a bus.

While there is a two-hour parking restriction on some village streets during the day, it is largely ignored and appears to be unenforced, they said.

Committee member Jay Smith suggested the city paint white parking strips along the streets to denote individual parking spaces, because drivers often take up more space than necessary. That would include the asphalt portion of South Third Street and side streets.

The city, however, will not entertain such a measure because of the cost and maintenance the striping would require, said Rick Tilton, spokesman for the city's public service department.

Meanwhile, a separate group is seeking responses to a 10-question survey seeking input about how residents have been affected by the parking restrictions, which were put into place in the fall.

The group is closing in on 100, the desired number of responses.

In the meantime, the group is evaluating a previous parking analysis done by the city, said P. Susan Sharrock, who's involved with the effort.

When the replies are counted, the group will share its findings with the public, Sharrock said.