Lindsay Pangborn will help spread the word about what's hot and hardy in the world of annuals.

Lindsay Pangborn will help spread the word about what's hot and hardy in the world of annuals.

The annuals trial manager for the Chadwick Arboretum at Ohio State University will speak about the subject at the next German Village Garten Club meeting, slated for 7 p.m. Monday, April 15, in the German Village Meeting Haus. It is free and open to the public.

Based on last year's performances, she likes surfinia petunias and their variety of colors.

"They're becoming a lot more tolerant of our central Ohio summers," she said.

She's also a fan of angelinas.

"In my opinion, they're underutilized in home landscaping," she said. "They perform really well and flower all summer."

She also will discuss gardening in urban spaces.

"A container is completely different than things that are grown in the ground," she said. "You have to fertilize often because there are no nutrients in the soil."

Pangborn's work is based at the Howlett Hall Greenhouses, 680 Vernon L. Tharp St.

Plant genetics companies, or breeders, send either seeds or young plants to the greenhouse, which grows and evaluates the plants from year to year.

There are two types of assessments, one being the consumer preference evaluation, in which members of a focus group offer their overall opinion about the flowers.

The other is a performance evaluation, which rates each plant on five criteria: flower quality, quantity, vegetative vigor, uniformity and an overall appraisal.

The reviews offer the freshest look at the "brand new annuals on the market," Pangborn said.

In June, the plants will be on display, but not for sale, at the greenhouse.

Carol Porter, a member of the Garten Club, said Pangborn will provide valuable information for a neighborhood that prides itself on flower power.

"That's what we need to know," Porter said. "We can be the first ones on our block, so to speak, to have these new flowers.

"Every year in our programming, we always want to learn what is on the cutting edge, what is going to be new out of the greenhouse."