German Village Gazette

City in midst of hydrant flushing

The Columbus Division Fire annual hydrant flush is underway, according to Columbus Fire Chief Gregory A. Paxton.

The first phase of the two-phase program began April 29, and continues through June 10. It includes the city's North, Northwest, East, South and the University District.

Phase two begins on June 11, and extends to July 22. It includes Downtown Columbus, West, Near East and Northeast sides of town. The Northeast area of coverage extends to the Northland, Little Turtle, Polaris and Easton areas.

Hydrants are flushed annually to test their performance and correct any problems that might interfere with operation.

Residential water may become cloudy or rusty during the flushing process, particularly in older neighborhoods. This is not a health hazard and should clear up within 24 hours.

Residents in flushing areas should check their water before doing laundry because the discolored water may stain clothing.

For more information, call the City of Columbus Division of Fire Hydrant Hot Line at 614-645-4055 to obtain daily updates and listings on specific Columbus neighborhoods scheduled to be flushed.