Sam Gedert is just a regular dude with a bachelor pad and lots of stuff he doesn't need.

Sam Gedert is just a regular dude with a bachelor pad and lots of stuff he doesn't need.

Many of his friends fit in that same category.

The owner of E-Roots Consulting, a tech-support business downtown, Gedert will participate in Village Valuables, an annual yard sale to be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 18 throughout German Village.

His stop, 845 S. Third St., will offer a variety of quirky merchandise -- consumer electronics, sci-fi memorabilia, home-brewing supplies, auction-hunting leftovers and vinyl records.

"If it's priced right, you can get rid of anything," Gedert said.

To sweeten the pot, he will pump out music for Village Valuable patrons and plans to hand out water.

Gedert said he looks forward to rubbing elbows with bargain-hunters.

"It's just a real fun, festive environment," he said.

Just as it has in recent years, the event will coincide with the Komen Race for the Cure, which will help bring thousands of people to Village Valuables.

Shiloh Todorov, director of the German Village Society, said Village Valuables not only allows the neighborhood to strut its stuff, it will provide the Society with the opportunity to raise funds by selling reusable shopping bags as well as tickets to the 54th Haus und Garten Tour, slated for June 30.

"We estimate Village Valuables brings 10,000 people to German Village each spring, but we've never offered sponsors and partners a way to get in front of that audience," Todorov said.

"In working with Raising Green Productions to raise $100,000 this year to fund our critical needs list, we saw an opportunity to connect our partners to all these consumers and in the process help (the) German Village Society raise the funds needed to keep this neighborhood great for all who work, live or play here," Todorov said.

Two popular local restaurants will bring food trucks to the event.

Schmidt's will be parked at the German Village Meeting Haus, while the Explorers Club will be located at the U.S. Bank building on Mohawk Street.

German Village Vet Hospital will have a table set up at the Meeting Haus and the Central Ohio Transit Authority will be parked at Third and Sycamore streets and instructing people how to use bus bike racks.

Goodwill will be on hand to haul away items that aren't sold, Todorov said.

Mike Beargie, an employee and friend of Gedert, said available parking spaces fill up quickly. Beargie said patrons might want to consider parking at meters downtown or in the Brewery District and take a short bike ride over to the village.

"The earlier you get there the better," he said.