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German Village Commission

Plans for Mohawk Street home given a fresh look


The German Village Commission took a second, and what appeared to be positive, look at a proposed single-family house at 673 Mohawk St.

The architectural review board June 4 turned its attention to exterior improvements to the 13,250-square-foot structure, which now houses a U.S. Bank branch and several professional tenants.

Although commissioners did not take action at the meeting, they didn't express any particular dissatisfaction with many design elements, including a sunken driveway and garage, replacement of the front door and stained-glass panel above the door, and the addition of a brick chimney and elevator belvedere, both located on the roof.

However, architects for Bob and Peggy Walter, the couple looking to revamp the space for a private residence, did not submit specific plans for the site. It is the second time in as many months the commission took a broader view of the plans, the first one concerning landscaping, which lacked specificity.

Commission Chairman Jay Panzer cautioned details matter, but he acknowledged there have been no complaints as of yet from neighbors about the project.

Among the most debated components was a garden room on the south side of the house.

The open structure topped with a glass roof would be attached to the house through an enclosed walkway.

Panzer said the addition "was very large and very much in the foreground," having a dominant appearance from Mohawk. But architects William Hugus and David Bullock argued that a rough sketch of the structure was not to scale and that it was visually less intrusive than it appeared because it would not have walls.

The commission was asked to hold a special meeting to move the request along because it directly affects St. Mary Catholic School, adjacent to the west, which wants to reconfigure the traffic flow on the property by the start of next school season.

An existing access easement is being moved farther south on the property and will provide St. Mary parishioners entrance.

The Walters have no specific timeline, but they want the commission to give an indication of whether the plan is feasible, said attorney George Bennett, who's representing the couple.

"And I think we'd like to find that out sooner rather than later," Bennett said.