Do you have your tickets to PreTour yet?

Do you have your tickets to PreTour yet?

PreTour is the night before the Haus und Garten Tour (June 29) when 750 of our closest friends gather to see the homes on tour (minus the lines) and attend a FABULOUS dinner.

From 5-7 p.m., guests explore the 15 tour stops on this year's tour.

The cool thing about PreTour is, your $150 ticket ($125 for members) allows you to see these stops with NO LINES and many of the homes are open upstairs, which doesn't generally happen on Tour day.

From 7-8:15 p.m., join us on Willow Street just outside the Meeting Haus for a cocktail party.

This is almost like German Village homecoming, as everyone gathers to say hello and grab a bite and a drink.

The party will be serving drinks provided by Curio and beer provided by Rockmill Brewery, along with HobNob wines.

We also have bites provided by Market District and The Refectory -- so don't miss it.

Now, if you're a young professional (under 35) who'd like to join us for just that super-chic piece of the evening, we'll save you money.

Tickets to PreTour and cocktails for our young, fabulous neighbors is $75. No dinner with us, but plenty of time to take in dinner in the neighborhood.

Full-price ticket holders continue on from Willow Street cocktails to dinner.

We have 22 amazing hosts this year, plus the Gatsby-themed Party on the Platz.

This is a HUGE gift our hosts give the German Village Society, because they serve dinner and we collect the ticket price! THANK YOU to each and every one of you.

Every dinner theme this year is about the movies.

When we gathered our hosts together two weeks ago, we asked what inspired their dinner themes.

Darrell VanLigten, who is hosting an Elvis-themed party along with his wife, Ronni, said he was inspired when he found himself in his closet bedazzling a white jumpsuit. PLEASE let that be true, Darrell.

Yasmine Ryckebusch said her European roots had her hoping for a 007 theme, but she was too late (Julie Collins and Dan Glasener had already spoken up for it), so Yas and fiance Nick Lacillaides chose Austin Powers. Yeah, baby!

Here's what you don't know about three sit-down dinners that remain. When you fall in love with one, visit and get your tickets FAST.

Music in the Air has a few seats left, and it features food created by the new Hey Hey Bar and Grill's chef. She's been featured in publications all over the city, and you'll get a chance to taste her best stuff.

Lord of the Rings has added a vegetarian option -- so if you were holding off waiting to see that option, let me know!

Also, the MoJoe Lounge mixologist is starting off that dinner by showing you how to do a little summertime mixology at your own home -- so it's dinner and a lesson in cool!

A League of Their Own is the dinner by Kitchen 231.

If you haven't read about this brand-new, Columbus-only concept coming in July to Livingston Ave., you may be living in a cave.

These two female entrepreneurs will serve their VERY FIRST dinner at Kitchen 231 to the lucky folks who buy tickets to their dinner. Again, just a few seats remain, so buy NOW.

Finally, I'd love to welcome you to Party on the Platz. I already have my 1920s flapper dress in my closet and the co-chairwomen of this amazing event, Sarah Kasey and Alena Marand, are creating a can't-miss garden party/speakeasy complete with an antique automobile and old-school lounge furniture.

We sell 250 tickets to this chic night under stars (with food provided by G. Michael's, Barcelona, Pistacia Vera, Kittie's Hand Crafted Cakes and drinks by Curio, HobNob and Seventh Son Brewing). There are fewer than 90 tickets left.

Thank you to our hosts, our sponsors and most especially to our ticketholders.

This is our twist on a gala -- but it is WAY more fun.

But, like any nonprofit charity's gala, it is our biggest fundraiser of the year. So please, write off a portion of your ticket and join in the fun. Tickets are available at

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village notebook column.