A new retail store that will cater to the tastes of German Village denizens is scheduled to open Sept. 21.

A new retail store that will cater to the tastes of German Village denizens is scheduled to open Sept. 21.

Vernacular, according to its owners will provide quality sophisticated home goods at reasonable prices, will take over 530 square feet of space at 177 E. Beck St.

The store will sell everything from homemade cutting boards to furniture to ceramic goods - merchandise people use in their daily routines, said Chelsea Cabot, who owns the store with boyfriend Kris Konieczko.

The plan is to be open daily, she said.

Vernacular is an extension of the couple's other store, Objects for the Home, which was founded three years ago in Clintonville but has since relocated to Grandview Heights.

"We really are a one-stop shop in Grandview and we're really trying to serve German Village the same way," Cabot said.

Casual men's apparel, including T-shirts and sweaters, will be offered only in the German Village store, she said.

"This is a huge thing for us," she said.

"We've been searching for a long time to find reasonably priced clothing."

When the building's landlords approached the couple, both Cabot and Konieczko were optimistic about the location, across the street from Lindey's and near other neighborhood attractions, Cabot said.

"It's our second-favorite neighborhood," said Cabot, who noted the couple lives in Grandview.

"If we're not here in one of our favorite restaurants in Grandview, we're in German Village."

German Village and Grandview are attractive for many of the same reasons: a tight-knit sense of community and active pedestrian environment, Cabot said.

However, parking was a "little bit of an issue," Cabot said.

However, "I think people who are going to travel there for us are going to get really familiar with it," she said.

As for the name, vernacular -- a type of localized lingo or style of architecture based on local needs and practices -- just seemed to fit, Cabot said.

"It took us a long time to come up with the right name for the store," Cabot said.

"Over and over in our conversations, Kris and I would use the word 'vernacular' or the phrase 'German Village vernacular' when we were talking about how we wanted the store to feel and the aesthetic we wanted to provide.

"One day it just clicked. We said, 'Why not just name it Vernacular?' "

Greg Gamier, chairman of the German Village Business Community, said he's intrigued by Vernacular.

"From my perspective, we're always glad to welcome new businesses to the village," he said.

"It sounds like a store unlike any other in the area and we love the variety they will bring to the neighborhood."