The French's green-bean casserole commercial is back, reminding me that the designated "thankful" time of year is upon us.

The French's green-bean casserole commercial is back, reminding me that the designated "thankful" time of year is upon us.

I need to be reminded when the rest of America is feeling thankful because I have so many opportunities to experience gratitude every single week, and they are virtually always driven by my interactions with our cadre of volunteers.

It struck me that I might take this opportunity to name the names of people who serve not only as volunteers, but as the core leadership of German Village Society in their role as trustees.

It goes beyond attending meetings and completing tasks -- but gets to setting the path for our neighborhood.

Understanding space constraints, let me just say a few words about each of our leaders so that if you see them on the street, you might be prompted to say: Thank you, or How can I help?

* Tim Bibler -- Joined the board in April and has already taken on the role of Treasurer, Parking Committee chairman, Organizational Development Committee (ODC) and Civic Relations member.

* Dennis Brandon -- Joined the board last month after serving a year already as chairman of the Development Committee.

* Bill Case -- Just completed a two-year term as president and now will be chairman of the ODC and continue his service to our oral history project with the Historic Preservation Committee and parking with the Civic Relations Committee

* Nick Cavalaris - Just completed a two-year term as treasurer and now turns his attention to Development and Civic Relations Committee. He also tutors at Stewart School.

* Darci Congrove -- Now in her fourth term as vice president after being president in 2010, Darci is the inventor of Tea 43206, board liaison to H&G Tour, member of Historic Preservation and Fund for Historic Preservation committees, and an active Development and Finance member.

* Bill Curlis -- Has just taken the reins as secretary and continues to be board liaison to German Village Business Community and Long-Range Planning and a member of Development, Historic Preservation, ODC and Civic Relations.

* Chris Hune -- Chairwoman of Historic Preservation, our most mission-centric committee with several reporting subcommittees.

* Sara Irvin Clark -- Serves as our board liaison for all things public relations, and continues to garner us free media for our events and projects that, if we had to pay per inch or minute of exposure, would cost us somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000.

But her real heart belongs to her role as tutor at Stewart School.

* Jeanne Likins -- Has just stepped into the presidency after a three-year term as secretary.

The president's role makes Jeanne my main partner in setting week-to-week agendas for Society work, and the first person with whom I can talk through ideas, problems and solutions.

* Dennis McCann -- Joined the board last month and was just appointed as board liaison to Parks, Public Spaces and Community Events - an umbrella group organized to foster cooperation among all groups and organizations that promote and care for the parks and public spaces in German Village.

* Jeff McNealey -- Serves in the role of board attorney and continues as a long-time Finance member.

* Susan Sutherland -- Joined the board last month and is chairwoman of Membership, a committee she has served on for the last several years.

Oh, that's all? Certainly not.

These folks give in so many other ways, too, but this captures a snapshot of the folks making decisions on behalf of our unique neighborhood. I am so thankful to be on the team!

German Village Society Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.