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Society membership pays dividends many ways

Sunday December 22, 2013 6:14 PM

A new resident told me recently she chose to live in German Village because it is like a European playground made just for adults -- unique shops and restaurants, pedestrian-friendly living and all kinds of people who share similar interests.

I couldn't agree more.

The German Village Society works every day to make your neighborhood a preserved, pedestrian-friendly and uniquely charming place to be. We help connect you to your neighbors and participate in your community. We're your neighborhood hub.

As we push toward Dec. 31, I want to ask you to help us expand our membership base.

Whether you're a current member, or someone just considering joining, now is a great time to throw your support behind our work and at the same time realize your end-of-year tax deduction. We are truly an excellent investment.

Prospective, first-time members -- read on below.

Current members -- what about the gift of a German Village Society membership for your friends and neighbors for Christmas?

I'm sure you know someone who isn't yet a member who lives here. But don't limit it to our 233 acres -- anyone, anywhere who LOVES OUR BRICKS and the community we've built would make a perfect member.

This is the 54th year of the Society's work protecting our urban gem.

Your partnership with the German Village Society helps us perpetuate and grow our preservation efforts in The Village so we may all continue to take advantage of this unique Columbus neighborhood.

We invite you to join us in our effort to further this mission.

Plus, you get membership benefits that include discounts on tickets (such as our fabulous PreTour dinner parties), cheaper rent if you'd like to use our building for your personal parties or meetings and most importantly, the pride of participating in the outcomes we produce together.

As a result of five decades of working together, this neighborhood has become one of the city's most-desirable places to live -- in large part because of the preservation advocacy work of the Society through your membership dollars.

Residents and visitors credit the popularity and desirability of living here to the community feeling of the neighborhood.

This community feeling didn't happen by accident. The German Village Society was, and is, instrumental in making German Village the vibrant community in which people want to live.

Also, I wanted to let you know that this is a directory year for the Society.

Every other year, we print a bound directory with the contact information for every one of our members, as well as a list of our top-level members (it's another way we say 'thanks').

This winter, we'll be printing and distributing the book to each one of our members so we can all stay in touch.

Even in a very digital world, this handbook for our member remains a must-have item in each member's library.

We'd like to include you.

I hope you'll consider throwing your support behind the Society -- or gifting us to your very best friends and relatives.

A gift membership offers a full year of fantastic benefits and supports the future of German Village.

Memberships start at $50, and higher-level memberships can be paid through smaller monthly gifts to make it easier to raise your level of support.

Gift memberships are available online, in person at 588 South Third, or by phone (614-221-8888).

German Village Society Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.